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Meanings of Flowers

Flower symbolism and meanings has been a significant part of cultures around the world. Flowers accompany us in every major event in life--birth, marriage, holidays, graduations, illness, and finally death. Finding the right flower to give to someone your love is an art. Flowers can express love, console in sorrow, congratulate in achievement, and celebrate friendship. Flower messages have evolved tremendously through the ages. The following glossary has been put together to give you a few guidelines.

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Anemone Expectation
Anthurium Lover
Asparagus Fern Fascination
Aster Elegance, Daintiness, Love
Azalea Temperance, Passion, Take care of yourself for me
Baby's Breath Innocence, purity of heart, breath of the Holy Spirit
Bird of Paradise Magnificence, Freedom, Good perspective
Broom Humility
Buttercup Childishness, Humility, Neatness
Calla Lily Magnificent Beauty
Carnation, Red Admiration, Fascination
Carnation, White Ardent Love, Good Luck
Carnation, Pink Mother's/Woman's Love
Chrysanthemum Truth, Loyal Love, Abundance, Wealth, Cheerfulness, Optimism, Wonderful friendship
Crocus Cheerfulness and gladness
Daffodil Chivalry, Regard, Sunshine, and the sun shines when I'm with you.
Dahlia Dignity, elegance, forever thine
Daisy Loyal Love, Purity, Beauty, Patience and Simplicity
Delphinium Big-Hearted, Fun, Lightness, Levity
Freesia Thoughtfulness
Gardenia Sweet Love, Good Luck, You're lovely, Refinement
Geranium Comfort, Gentility, True friend,
Gladiolus Admiration, Preparedness, Splendid beauty, Love at first sight
Heather Beauty
Holly Foresight, Enchantment, Domestic happiness
Hyacinth Play, games, Sports, Rashness, Playful joy.
Hydrangea Heartless
Iris Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Cherished friendship, Wisdom
Larkspur Levity, Lightness
Lilac Confidence, Beauty, Pride, Youthful Innocence, Youth
Lily Of The Valley Return of Happiness
Lotus Blossom Estranged Love, Forgetfulness of the past
Magnolia Love of Nature, Nobility, Perseverance
Marigold Jealousy
Mimosa Sensitivity
Narcissus Self Admiration, Vanity
Orchid Love, Beauty, Long Life, Refinement, Mature charm.
Peony Good Health, Prosperity, Happy marriage, Compassion
Peppermint Cordiality
Periwinkle Friendship
Phlox Unanimity
Poppy, Red Consolation, Beauty, Magic, Eternal life
Ranunculus Radiant Charm
Rose Respect, Courage, Beauty, Prosperity, Love, Passion (red), Purity (white), Infidelity (yellow)
Snapdragon Presumption, Graciousness, Strength.
Statice Success
Stephanotis Happiness in Marriage
Stock Lasting Beauty
Sunflower Haughtiness, Adoration
Tulip Fame, Perfect love, Believe me (red), Sunshine in your smile (yellow), I will love you forever (cream)
Violet Faithfulness, Modesty, Virtue, Affection, Let's take a chance on happiness